Crop Monitoring and Yield Forecasting - Mozambique

Categories: Crop Monitoring

Crop production in Mozambique is conducted across a wide range of environmental, soil and climate conditions, therefore, presenting different biophysical and agro-climatic challenges. In order to counteract these challenges, many farmers across the country practice intercropping as a means to reduce crop failure, improve soil health, food security and income. However, most crop models used to estimate crop yields were developed for monocrops rather than intercrops. Thus, the use of EO technology combined with crop models may represent a challenge in certain regions of the country where intercropping is the most prevalent farming practice. Other challenges that can be faced during the use of crop monitoring and yield forecasting include fragmented land, crop zoning based crop production that is not followed and the need of training.

Story 1

As a Meteorologist, I want to provide daily, seasonal weather/historical and forecast - precipitation and temperature - in the country, so that I can use that information to calculate accumulated precipitation and sum of active temperature.

As a Meteorologist, I want to provide seasonal weather forecast including precipitation and temperature for the country, so that I can use that information to predict extreme weather events.

Relevant AfriCRS Products:

Weather Forecast - (AfriCRS-S7-P01)

Seasonal Climate Forecast and Early Warning - (AfriCRS-S1-P02)

Weather Extremes Early Warning - (AfriCRS-S7-P02)

Seasonal Drought Forecast (Dashboard) - (AfriCRS-S3-P01)

Story 2

As a food security expert, I want to view crop production information so that I can monitor food production trends at district, provincial or national scale.

Story 3

As an extension officer in Mozambique, I want to monitor crops and advise farmers when to fertilize, apply pesticides, harvest and estimate crop yields, so that I won´t need to conduct agricultural ground survey every year/ I can help produce evidence-based decision making on food security.

Relevant AfriCultuReS Products:

Crop Condition Monitoring - (AfriCRS-S2-P02)

Crop Type Mapping - (AfriCRS-S2-P01)

Crop Yield Forecast - (AfriCRS-S2-P03)

Story 4

As a researcher, I want to view vegetation indices so that I can use them to derive measures that correlate with surface biophysical properties, which facilitates the analysis of large amounts of satellite data, providing valuable spatial and temporal analyses at large scale provincial, district, locality and community level.

Required AfriCRS Products:

Crop Condition Monitoring - (AfriCRS-S2-P02)