Irrigated Areas Crop Water Use or Need Estimate - Tunisia

Categories: Crop Monitoring, Water Consumption

In Tunisia, more than 80% of water is used by the agricultural sector (irrigation). Although irrigation practices are very important for dry-season agriculture (summer), during the humid season (winter), dry spells occur often and crop water requirements can only be achieved by additional irrigation. Through this EO-based service, the user can have access to useful information in support to the monitoring of the irrigated perimeters and to manage irrigated farms and to ensure sustainable use of irrigation water.

User Story

As agriculture and water resources manager, the user could get useful information to assess crop water requirements. For a specific spatial entity (governorate, district, etc.), and for a requested time slot, the user could view spatially the irrigated perimeters and to get insight on crop water requirements and to estimate crops’ water stress in order to target and optimise actions (such as eventual water allocation operations).

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