Wheat Crop Growth Condition, Phenology and Related Water Stress - Tunisia

Categories: Crop Monitoring

Major institutions providing extension/Advisory Services in Tunisia represent Ministry of Agriculture affiliated public institutions. At national level, the Agricultural Extension & Training Agency (AVFA) has the overall responsibility for extension services. The staffs based at the national level are required to perform the following functions:

  • Conceptualization and implementation of agricultural extension policy in line with the country’s development plans’ guidelines.
  • Elaboration, follow-up and evaluation of agricultural extension programs.
  • Coordination of field extension services through educational and logistic support.
  • Awareness-raising for farmers and their organizations with the objective of strengthening and encouraging them to get involved in extension actions, etc.

At regional and field levels, the 24 Regional Agricultural Development Commissions (CRDAs), have responsibility for extension in their respective regions. The CRDAs perform their functions through the following field institutional mechanism:

  • The Division of Extension and Promotion of Agricultural Production (DVPPA), which is responsible for the planning, organization, follow-up of the extension, and training.
  • The Territorial Extension Cells (CTVs).
  • The Agricultural Radiance Centers (CRAs).

AfriCultuReS EO-derived services can help these key institutions at various levels through the provision of information and data on crop growth condition, phenology and related water stress (particularly wheat).

User Story

As technical assistant interacting with farmers on the field, the user could get useful information on crop growth conditions, crop phenology and related water stress (particularly wheat).

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