Demonstration Use Cases

Wheat Crop Growth Condition, Phenology and Related Water Stress - Tunisia

In Tunisia, important efforts were made to set up a dynamic system for monitoring agricultural campaigns including key stakeholders including the Agence de Promotions des Investissements Agricoles (APIA), the Centre National de la Cartographie et de la Télédétection (CNCT), the Institut National des Grandes Cultures (INGC), the General Directorate for Agricultural Studies and Development (DGEDA), the Regional Commissariats for Agricultural Development (CRDAs), the Centres de Rayonnement Agricole (CRA), the Cellules Territoriales de Vulgarisation (CTV), the Cellules Territoriales de Vulgarisation (CTV), the Division de la Production Végétale (DPV) and the Direction Générale de la Production Agricole (DGPA). AfriCultuReS contributes to this effort by supporting these benchmark institutions by providing EO-based information which can be harnessed to assessment and monitor crop vegetative development status and crops’ growth stages.

Irrigated Areas Crop Water Use or Need Estimate - Tunisia

In Tunisia, the extension of irrigated areas and the use of additional irrigation have generated a high demand for groundwater resources. Water resource management is a major challenge for the Tunisian agricultural sector and is increasing with the current and expected effects of climate change. AfriCultuReS EO-derived services can help to provide information and data on water requirement/demand/need in irrigated areas, to better manage irrigated farms and to ensure sustainable use of irrigation water.

Drought Monitoring and Early Warning - Tunisia

The occurrence of drought firstly affects the agricultural sector and leads to deficits in cereal production (the basis of consumption in Tunisia) which makes it difficult to achieve food security. Drought preparedness planning has become a widely accepted action for the country to reduce the risks to future events. Providing timely and reliable climate information, including seasonal forecasts that could help support decision makers at various levels in making critical management decisions is a critical component for drought planning. This EO-based service provides relevant resources for seasonal drought forecasts and for short term monitoring of drought indicators in the related affected areas.

Crop Acreage and Yield Estimate - Tunisia

Assessing crops’ acreage and predicting related yields before harvesting is highly important in managing the impacts of natural hazards, ensuring food security, forecasting food grain market prices, and reducing poverty. For a country like Tunisia, estimating wheat crop acreage and its related yields estimate at an early stage is crucial to decision makers. AfriCultuReS contributes to achieving this by providing Earth Observation based information.