Demonstration Use Cases

Cropland Management at National and Regional level

Sufficient food production is the outcome of successful Cropland Management planning and execution and the evidence-based decision making plays important role for achieving it. EO-derived Services such as the Crop Condition Monitoring, support the evidense-based decision making by providing crucial information on the Crops' status effectively and for large areas.

Land use land cover mapping

Land cover maps are a critical component to make informed policy, development, planning, and resource management decisions.

Surface Water Bodies Monitoring

Observation of surface water is a functional requirement for studying ecological and hydrological processes. Recent advances in satellite‐based optical remote sensors have promoted the field of sensing surface water to a new era.

Water Consumption Monitoring

Monitor water consumption across the land surface and detect anomalous high or low rates.

Crop Condition Monitoring

Crop Growth Condition (CGC) monitoring is one of the most important methods for the yield estimation and the food security.

Flood Mapping & Monitoring

This EO service is dedicated to the identification, mapping and analyses of flood events and flooding potential.